I teach results oriented communication techniques 
to enhance verbal, written, and technology skills.    

Verbal and Written
  • Facilitate and evaluate public speaking skills
  • Enhance written communication skills
  • Create and critique speeches
  • Increase or improve vocabulary

Urban Communication Specialist

  • Turn your dialect into Standard American English.
  • Keep your dialect and learn how to 'code switch.'


 .  Computer use - personal and business

.  Text and instant message career casualties

.  Cell phone and telephone etiquette     



  • Customer Service Skills Trainer
  • Business protocol and etiquette
  • Goal setting for your career



  • Social/personal etiquette
  • Goal setting for your personal life
  • Successful networking tips


                Additional Services 

  • Voice Over Talent
  • Product Demonstrator
  • Facilitator
  • Emcee


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